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Basement and Loft Conversions

Basement Conversions & Garage Conversions Leeds, York

Before and after basement conversion

Basements and attics are often underused areas of your house normally reserved as excess storage spaces. HG1 can give you a totally new perspective on lofts and basements and transform them into incredible living spaces. We have carried out a huge number of basement conversions for clients in Leeds, York and Harrogate.

Basement Conversions Harrogate

HG1 Property Solutions are able to renovate disused, damp, dark basements into luxurious, comfortable areas for living. Our solutions to preventing moisture entering a cellar or basement are twofold:

  • 1. The first approach to waterproofing (or tanking) a basement is using a specially modified cement such as Sovereign K11 applied directly to a subtrate. Tanking is carried out using cement-based screed, waterproof coatings and renders firmly adhered to floors and walls.
  • 2. For the second approach we line the cellar or basement with water-resistant materials. A channel is then created between the material and the existing wall. This allows any water to run into a specifically constructed system for drainage and then to a basin within the basement floor. A pump then removes the excess water away from the basement so that it is unable to return.
Basement Conversions

All of the materials and workmanship to be used during the course of the construction of all basement conversions will be of the highest quality. Every job we carry out is approved by the Local Authority Building Control Department. Any Electrical work conforms to the strict guidelines laid out by the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contractors (NICEIC). Our contractors are Gas Safe registered and any working that involves alteration to gas systems will be approved to the standards of the Council for Registered Gas Installers (CORGI).

Loft Conversions

Take advantage of HG1 Property Solutions experience in loft conversions. With our imagination and innovative design concepts we can assist in producing your ideal living space. Any attic can be transformed into the room you've always needed. We can make your loft space into bedrooms, a study, a gym or that playroom you've always wanted for your children.

Basement and Loft Conversions

You may even consider a loft extension for your property. By increasing the angle of your roof you will also increase the headroom available in your attic space creating, in effect, an additional floor for your house. HG1 will take care of all the details, including any required planning permission for the project, and we will guarantee that any work carried out will meet all current building regulations.

Garage Conversions

Garage Conversions

There are a huge range of options available for garage conversions in any type of property. You could transform a chilly, under-used part of your property into habitable room for sleeping, as a dining area, a home gym space or an office. Garage conversions can be a savvy investment because you can add significant value to your property by adding extra living space. Whether you have a single or double garage or a detached unit we will have a solution to suit. Contact HG1 today for a free consultation on your garage conversion options.

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